Patchnotes 28.06.2020

  • 3D RessWidget Text has red or green color depending on the number
  • Add port Resources can be traded
  • As long as no port has been built, the trade window is displayed in the balance menu /Build a port to unlock resource trade/.
  • In the building menu port you can see when the next ship will arrive. When it is there the resources will be traded
  • The small harbour only costs money
  • The ship goes to the port and buys or sells the desired goods The trade window shows how long the ship needs until it docks at the port again
  • Number of trade history entries in Config adjustable
  • Automatic sale and purchase of resources as in Anno
  • Port Ress 3D Widget / You reloaded goods will be displayed as 3D widget as when building buildings
  • The trees move in the wind

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