Patchnotes 05.07.2020

  • Photo mode Depth Field repaired
  • Main menu Change language stops LevelSeq and restarts it (sound was superimposed)
  • Widget SaveLoad: First score is always selected
  • Widget SaveLoad: New score clicked displays live camera and savegame data
  • Widget SaveLoad: Clicking on a new score highlights the line in green
  • new FPS menu in debuginfos and as extra button
  • Building menu button shows the length in Km for water pipes and roads
  • RoadBuilding Mode2 Variable intersectionAdditional size adjustable for players
  • Tips are displayed in the Escape menu
  • Baumenü Water pipes km show
  • Water pipe network always connected (water buildings must always be connected to water network)
  • Construction of a water building immediately shows the water point
  • Water buildings indicate when water point is not connected to the water network
  • Water pipes indicate whether they are connected to the water network
  • Changing the water network immediately shows the connected water networks
  • added save/Load menu up down key to quickly select a savegame
  • Trade menu Show in-game date when next trade takes place
  • Show Patch Notes in the main menu All Patch Notes can be clicked through with buttons
  • The building menu shows how many buildings of this type already exist

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