Patchnotes 16.08.2020

  • Buildings use field cash register for area effects
  • Building editor: combine several meshes into a group and place them together
  • Building editor: Mesh groups can contain mesh groups
  • Changing the size of a road intersection Place traffic light correctly again
  • At the start of the game the mouse is placed in the middle of the view
  • Before research can be done, a research centre must be built
  • Before laws can be passed a court must be built
  • In BuildingInfo are the legal costs
  • When a courthouse is clicked, there is a button in BuildingInfo that opens the law menu directly
  • When a port is clicked, there is a button in BuildingInfo that directly opens the trade window
  • In city buy mode areas are highlighted even when mouse is over water
  • Building editor extended
  • Building road bridges corrected Height corrected
  • Road construction pylon is placed correctly on the road

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