Patchnotes 23.08.2020

  • Colors adjusted for area effect (yellow – green – blue – pink/purple)
  • mesh.xml contains the number of perInstanceCustomParameters. In the building editor these can be set and saved for each object.
  • BuildingEditor Mesh new buttons to vary the perInstanceData by +-10%.
  • Load Building UStaticMeshComponent Asynchronous. Reduces frame intrusion.
  • Text ‚City Next‘ in main menu converted to material.
  • Editor Single Objects – Simple walls can be used in many ways. With instance parameters the color or texture can be selected.
  • In the construction menu Info you can see how much range service buildings and the lumberjack have.
  • DestroyAnimation added from very often built buildings.
  • Filter is active and a building is clicked, filter remains visible. Filter is dominant.
  • Change to main menu, save game again (AutoSavegame)
  • Service buildings show in the BuildingInfo menu what they deliver in what quantity.
  • In Option/Camera terms translated into English.
  • Region map translated into English
  • BuildingEditor MeshDestroy objects added

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