Patchnotes 30.08.2020

  • Camera Position Save Load Camera will also save/load the rotation
  • Road construction Bridge height Konst Setting is no longer saved.
  • City Next returns to the main menu faster and can be quit faster.
  • Prevents that residential buildings on the street are demolished when the street on buildings is changed.
  • In photo mode, buildings with a mouse pointer are not highlighted. In photo mode nothing can be clicked on anymore.
  • During a party a score can be loaded.
  • Quick loading with F8 key is possible during a party.
  • Liveview of the fields during the construction of service buildings (e.g. hospital).
  • New currency symbols added in many menus
  • Set the currency in the options
  • City Next works with Windows 7.
  • Balancing residential capacity and office capacity are the same for all zone buildings within a development stage. The higher the development level, the more capacity a residential building or office building has per grid.
  • Building farms allows surrounding bridges of a few meters (2m)

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