Area effects

In every inch of the landscape, parameters such as crime, land value, pollution, … can be queried.

The various service buildings for the residents use this system, among others. Service buildings create different effects in the surroundings. Each effect has a radius. The effect gradually decreases towards the edge. Effects can add up.

The picture shows the fire protection of the fire brigades. The spot of colour in the middle symbolises yellow=lower, blue=high fire protection.

People and buildings ask at any coordinates for the prevailing situation there and react accordingly.

The updating of the area effects can be followed live. If you want to build a new building, it is first placed on the mouse pointer to determine the building location. Before building a service building, you can see on the map what effects the building will have when fully occupied. This means, however, that even if a fire brigade is only 50% occupied, the effectiveness will suffer.

This makes it possible to increase the fire risk locally by events (e.g. because young people play with fire). With a certain probability, a house can burn there and the fire brigade has to come. Hopefully there is no traffic jam on the way ;).

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