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Epic MegaGrants Recipient

The US-American company Epic Games Inc, developer of Unreal Engine technology and market leader in this segment, operates the so-called Epic MegaGrants program with the goal of supporting 3D graphics development. We applied for the program with City Next and were awarded the grant.We thank Epic Games Inc. for their support!


To learn more about his city, graphs can be displayed for a variety of values^^. The graphs are updated live. For example, you can view trends in raw materials and, if necessary, build another fishing hut (fish is the green line in the Graph window and is sinking slightly).

Patchnotes 13.09.2020

Statistics for players. Players can get detailed information about their city. A chronological progression over the total duration of the city is shown. The resource icon indicates whether it is traded Resource progress bar colors empty=red, full=green Make interface menu background slightly transparent and add blur Guides 25% 50% 75% in the resource menu When … Weiterlesen Patchnotes 13.09.2020

Patchnotes 06.09.2020

In main menu option fps display works correctly BuildingInfo Rental income and how it is composed are displayed. New logos „Fourexo“ and „City Next“ integrated into the game People Quality level in option is adjustable. In Cook version, If the correct password was entered in the debug window 1x, then password is no longer requested.

Area effects

In every inch of the landscape, parameters such as crime, land value, pollution, … can be queried. The various service buildings for the residents use this system, among others. Service buildings create different effects in the surroundings. Each effect has a radius. The effect gradually decreases towards the edge. Effects can add up. The picture … Weiterlesen Area effects

Patchnotes 30.08.2020

Camera Position Save Load Camera will also save/load the rotation Road construction Bridge height Konst Setting is no longer saved. City Next returns to the main menu faster and can be quit faster. Prevents that residential buildings on the street are demolished when the street on buildings is changed. In photo mode, buildings with a … Weiterlesen Patchnotes 30.08.2020

Patchnotes 23.08.2020

Colors adjusted for area effect (yellow – green – blue – pink/purple) mesh.xml contains the number of perInstanceCustomParameters. In the building editor these can be set and saved for each object. BuildingEditor Mesh new buttons to vary the perInstanceData by +-10%. Load Building UStaticMeshComponent Asynchronous. Reduces frame intrusion. Text ‚City Next‘ in main menu converted … Weiterlesen Patchnotes 23.08.2020

Patchnotes 16.08.2020

Buildings use field cash register for area effects Building editor: combine several meshes into a group and place them together Building editor: Mesh groups can contain mesh groups Changing the size of a road intersection Place traffic light correctly again At the start of the game the mouse is placed in the middle of the … Weiterlesen Patchnotes 16.08.2020

Patchnotes 09.08.2020

Define High Ress Streenshoot key F12 as default Press the same filter button twice to hide data Implement area effects as 2DArray Right click in the Resource Drawing menu Exit menu Resource drawing menu visually improved, language de and en added FeldRes and FeldControl classes improved

Patchnotes 31.07.2020

savegame loading Camera is placed correctly savegame loading water building water point is assigned correctly Billboard 16 new images Instance Random Parameter for image selection write your own 3D font class with high performance When a language is set in the options menu, the country flag is shown, if available Many new parameters in configCityNext

Patchnotes 12.07.2020

TippLock with voice output / In the window the voice output can be deactivated/activated. Selection is saved in Config Option Voice output notifications on/off In the loading screen the view resolution is reduced so that the graphics card does not limit the loading speed. Flags added Make new option menu

Patchnotes 05.07.2020

Photo mode Depth Field repaired Main menu Change language stops LevelSeq and restarts it (sound was superimposed) Widget SaveLoad: First score is always selected Widget SaveLoad: New score clicked displays live camera and savegame data Widget SaveLoad: Clicking on a new score highlights the line in green new FPS menu in debuginfos and as extra … Weiterlesen Patchnotes 05.07.2020

Patchnotes 28.06.2020

3D RessWidget Text has red or green color depending on the number Add port Resources can be traded As long as no port has been built, the trade window is displayed in the balance menu /Build a port to unlock resource trade/. In the building menu port you can see when the next ship will … Weiterlesen Patchnotes 28.06.2020

Patchnotes 21.06.2020

MaxZoom camera set to 0.8*200.000. Config Parameter CameraZoomSteps, CameraZoomMaxFactor Set sun position menu revised Brightness variation from the building models Fixed crash when moving the sun position menu time slider to the far right DistanceFieldShadow in Mesh.xml can be switched off (default is on) Start a new game in the cookie Camera is placed correctly … Weiterlesen Patchnotes 21.06.2020

Patchnotes 14.06.2020

PlanarReflection implemented (ocean reflections, costs a lot of gpu time, off by default) Quality levels Ocean implemented angleLock also possible for farm construction Underwater view has correct colors ingamemenu debug bus sound and display swapped out into a custom widget, if off then gamethread +0.4ms better Only traffic lights on opposite sides get green +40% … Weiterlesen Patchnotes 14.06.2020

Patchnotes 07.06.2020

Message appears when max. number of city areas have been purchased (beta phase) +4 Config parameters for road construction Introduction even without tutorial / After starting the game a short explanation of the game start is given in a window Angles are displayed when building roads There is a small lock window where special angles … Weiterlesen Patchnotes 07.06.2020

More than 1 million residents

City Next is an innovative urban developer that combines various elements such as the industrial management of „Anno“ like games and the urban development of other citybuilders. The player takes control of the planning and design of a city. The core elements are the combination of collecting and managing resources and urban planning to create … Weiterlesen More than 1 million residents